Who Is Getting Crushed By CIT?

cit burning tbi


It looks like a bunch of big insurance companies are going to take a hit if CIT goes down. And that seems pretty damn certain right now.

So who has been left holding the debt. Well Aflac had about $240 million in CIT senior debt at the end of March. That’s the equivalent of 12 per cent of the company’s excess capital. Does it still hold that much? No one is saying. But CIT had suffered 7 straight quarterly losses (it’s up to 8 now) by then, and that didn’t convince Aflac to dump the bonds. So was 8 a charm?

Then we’ve got Genworth Financial, which has about $178 million of the notes, according to a KBW analyst who spoke to Bloomberg. That amounts to about 13 per cent of Genworth’s $915 million of excess capital.

MetLife had about $148 million in CIT notes. But since MetLife is so huge, that’s a much smaller percentage of its capital. Only about 1.6 per cent of estimated excess capita.

Lincoln National Corp. of Philadelphia had about $99 million in CIT bonds, according to KBW (again via Bloomberg).

It’s possible that these company’s have taken out credit default swaps on this debt. But that’s become an expensive proposition lately.


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