Meet Brigitte Trogneux: The woman who used to be Emmanuel Macron's schoolteacher about to become France's First Lady

Glamorous high-school teacher Brigitte Trogneux is about to become France’s first lady.

Her husband, Emmanuel Macron, swept to power on Sunday and is set to become France’s youngest president.

Trogneux is 24 years his senior, and she first met Macron while teaching him drama in Amiens when he was 15.

She was never far from Macron’s side on the campaign trail, and she is credited with helping coach her husband to power. Trogneux is now ready to take on an active role in his government.

Scroll on to meet the stylish soon-to-be first lady of France.

Meet Brigitte Trogneux, the glamorous high-school teacher who is the wife of French President-elect Emmanuel Macron.

She is the youngest of six Trogneux children and her family are famous chocolatiers in the region of Amiens. Les Trogneux is famous for its macaroons.

Trogneux was Macron's drama teacher. They met at the Jésuites de la Providence lycée, in Amiens, when he was 15. Footage has emerged on social media of the pair sharing their 'first kiss' (on the cheek) when he was a student and she was a married teacher.

Macron was reportedly packed off to Paris to finish his studies when news broke of his close bond with the married mother of three. Trogneux told Paris Match magazine that, at 17, Emmanuel told her: 'Whatever you do, I will marry you.'

She has been by his side ever since.

Macron is stepfather to Trogneux's three children -- two girls and a boy. Below, her daughters Thyphaine (left) and Laurence (right) at one of Macron's campaign rallies.

The age gap between the couple has been a source of fascination for local media.

Paris Match

Trogneux is also known for her strong personal sense of style.

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