Meet the author behind the steamy 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' phenomenon

El james san diego comic-con 2012Denis Poroy/Invision/APE.L. James at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie has already made over $US266 million at the box office.

In 2012, the erotica trilogy by E.L James became a phenomenon dubbed “mummy porn.”

Women openly read it without shame on the subway and went nuts fan-casting the full-length movie.

The raunchy books follow naive college graduate Anastasia Steele and her billionaire boyfriend Christian Grey; however, you probably do not know much about series’ creator.

E.L. James is just a pen name.

E.L. James at a fan screening of 'Fifty Shades' at the Ziegfeld Theatre February 6, 2015.

E.L. James' real name is Erika Leonard.

James grew up in Buckinghamshire.

There, she was privately educated and took up English literature and history at the University of Kent.

Currently, the author resides in West London with her family.

She's a mum.

James is a 51-year-old British mother of two teenage sons.

She has said in interviews her sons are 'mortified' their mother wrote the explicit novels.

James is a former BBC production executive.

After college, James became a studio manager's assistant at the National Film and Television School in London where she met her future husband, Niall Leonard.

She then worked as a production manager for TV company, Shooting Stars. After that, James worked at BBC as a production executive.

James' first draft of the erotic 'Twilight' fan fiction was written under pen name 'Snowqueens Icedragon.'

James was slightly obsessed with the 'Twilight' series referring to herself as a Twihard on 'The View.'

She became obsessed with the 'Twilight' series after seeing the 2008 film based on the book of the same name.

James began writing her erotica series on Early drafts of 'Fifty Shades' were written from the perspective of Bella and Edward from 'Twilight.' The two later transformed into Ana and Christian.

The fan fiction version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was called 'Master of the Universe.'

Reading the summary (to the right) the details of the original fan fiction directly mirror the initial chapters of 'Fifty Shades,' just with Bella and Edward's characters from 'Twilight.'

According to James, when writing the actual book, there were originally '7 Shades of Grey.'

James shared this with the ladies of ABC's 'The View' when she was on the show May 11, 2012.

Her husband is scriptwriter Niall Leonard.

After meeting at the National Film and Television School, the two wed in 1987.

E.L. James' husband worked for both UK and American broadcasters writing scripts for television shows.

Among his credits are 'Monarch of the Glen,' 'Wire in the Blood' and 'Wild at Heart.'

According to her husband, they have a 'smelly' dog.

This is the couple's West Highland Terrier.

Leonard's personal website bio includes the following line at the bottom:

'He is married with two kids and a rather smelly dog and currently lives in West London.'

He tweeted out the following photo of the couple's dog saying,

'Tired of grumpy shaggy smelly dog. Swapped him for happy fat baldy dog.'

Yes, her husband has read the book.

James told the ladies of 'The View' he helped her edit the raunchy series.

The erotic sex scenes in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' are James' fantasies.

James revealed writing these books were her midlife crisis and the inner thoughts that lay inside her mind.

Yep. So while you're reading about Ana 'exploding' around her sexy billionaire, Christian, just remember this is one of James' fantasies.

She became Forbes' highest-earning author in 2013.

James made a reported $US95 million, including $US5 million for film rights to her novels.

In 2014, the author slipped to number 11 on the list, earning an estimated $US10 million for her trilogy.

James doesn't know what to make of her success.

'It's very strange,' James told USA Today. 'It's just that everything has happened so quickly. It's like it's happening to someone else. They have just been shipping out books like nobody's business.'

Now, that you know about E.L. James ...

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