'Who the hell knows?!' Trump teases Indiana governor as possible vice president

Donald Trump offered few hints about who he may pick as his running mate during a campaign rally in Indiana on Tuesday.

The speculation over who he may choose has grown rapidly over the past few days as the candidate travelled around the country to meet with people on his shortlist. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is one of those contenders.

Pence opened the rally with glowing words for Trump, and critical words for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and establishment politicians.

He slammed the current state of the US economy, saying “we’re tired of being told this is as good as it gets,” and railed against what he called the “little intellectual elite” in Washington for making decisions for Americans.

Though the Indiana governor endorsed Ted Cruz in April, he offered lengthy praise at the time for Trump, saying that the real-estate billionaire has “given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans.”

After Pence’s introduction, Trump gave the governor handshake and a smile, but little else hinted at which direction the presidential candidate may go.

‘Who the hell knows?!’ Trump teased.

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