DANNY GREEN: Meet The Former D-Leaguer Who Came Out Of Nowhere To Dominate The NBA Finals

danny green san antonio spurs

Danny Green is on one of the most incredible hot streaks in NBA history.

When you consider Green’s remarkable backstory, it makes his epic Finals performance that much more significant.

Green had to overcome family trouble in college, multiple benchings, and a lengthy stint in the D-League to get where he is today, one game away from probably being Finals MVP.

Green's first dose of adversity came after his freshmen year at North Carolina in 2006

His father was arrested in connection to a massive drug bust. He served 22 months in prison

Source: ESPN

The season after his father's arrest, his minutes were cut drastically

He considered transferring as two freshmen continued to play over him

Source: NY Daily News

But ultimately he stayed, and it paid off. He won a National Championship in 2009

But when he entered the NBA Draft, no one thought he'd be a good NBA player. Scouts projected him as a Francisco Garcia-type guard

Source: Draft Express

The Cleveland Cavaliers ended up picking him 46th overall in the 2009 Draft

But he barely played. His primary role was entertaining LeBron on the bench.

The Cavs cut him after just 20 games in October of 2010

Source: NBA

The Spurs picked him up after that, but they too cut him after just six days

Without a team, Green played for the Erie Bayhawks in the D-League

The Spurs re-signed him for good in March of 2011, but he still was barely seeing the court

After that Green's college coach Roy Williams called Popovich to see what was going on. The two of them reportedly gave Green a big-time pep talk

Source: News Observer

In 2012, Green got a huge increase in minutes when Manu Ginobili went out with a broken hand

He played brilliantly in those increased minutes. Earning a spot in the starting lineup by the end of 2011-12

He signed a $12 million contract last summer, and started every game this year

Now, three years after he was out of the league, he's shooting 66% in the Finals. His shot chart is unreal:

If the Spurs win in six games, he'll probably be the Finals MVP

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