10 Investors Making A Fortune On The Breathtaking Rise In Gold

Laurence Fink Blackrock

It seems like everyone’s bullish on gold right now.

Yesterday there was even a naked woman featured in a British tabloid who mentioned her excitement at the current (record-breaking) price of gold, around $1340.

But who are the really big gold bugs?

They’re raking it in right now.

John Paulson

'The price of gold could hit $2,400 based only on monetary expansion, and as high as $4,000 per ounce based on a projected overshoot.' - Paulson Speaking at NYU

Paulson also has stated that 80% of his assets are denominated in gold.

If gold goes to $4,000, Paulson will be a top contender for the richest man in the world because he has an entire fund dedicated to investing in gold.

Invested in: SPDR Gold Trust, NovaGold, Anglogold Ashanti, Barrick Gold Corp, Gold Fields Ltd.,Iamgold, Kinross Gold Corp. Rangold Resources

David Einhorn

George Soros

Eric Sprott

'I'm a 100% believer that central banks have suppressed the price of gold. I find it hilarious today that they have these programs to sell gold - it's of no use. It's one of the dumbest decisions in the last decade.' -Sprott on the state of the gold market

'One of the beautiful things about gold is that it can show its relative value in both an inflationary and a deflationary environment.' -Sprott interview with GoldSeek.com.

Invested In: Barrick Gold Corp., Eldorado Gold Corp., Gold Fields Ltd., Goldcorp Inc., Golden Star Resources Ltd., Hecla Mining Co., IamGold Corp., Kinross Gold Corp., Midway Gold Corp., Minco Gold Corp., Mindfinders Corp., New Gold Inc., Rangold Resources Ltd., Richmont Mines Inc., SPDR Gold Trust, Sprott Physical Gold Trust, U.S. Gold Trust., Yamana Gold Inc.

Laurence Fink

BlackRock exec says gold has room to keep rising. - Company interview with Reuters last month

Fink said there is all too much talk of a bubble being created in the stock market, and that the economy is now in a period of stability. - Fink, on why gold is a good investment, told the WSJ last year

BlackRock has one the largest holdings of SPDR Gold Trust.

Invested in: SPDR Gold Trust, iShares Gold Trust

Eric Mindich

Eton Park Capital Management LP bought almost 6.58 million shares of the SPDR Gold Trust in the second quarter, according to an Aug. 16 SEC filing.

That's equal to 20 tons of gold.

Invested In: SPDR Gold Trust, Barrick Gold Corp., Gold Fields Ltd., Gold Corp Inc., Newmont Mining Corp

John Burbank

'Given our bullish view on gold, combined with the possibility that the price discovery process for gold understates the metal's value and leaves it susceptible to a short squeeze, Passport Capital is an owner of allocated, physical gold.' -Burbank on the price of gold in 2010

'We believe the supply outlook for gold is also supportive of higher prices. We believe that mined supply, which peaked in 2001, is in a long-term downward trend. We feel that the ability of above-ground gold stocks to satisfy demand is undergoing structural change.' -Burbank on the price of gold in 2010

Markets may be overestimating their ability to satisfy an increase in demand at current gold prices.' -Burbank on the price of gold in 2010

Burbank actually started as a hot dog vendor before becoming a hedge fund manager.

Invested In: Barrick Gold Corp., Iamgold Corp., Newmont Mining, SPDR Gold Trust

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is bullish gold due to demand from China and suggests playing it with a long position in the Gold ETF.

Kelly is concerned that the Fed will print more money, so investors will be ever more drawn to the precious metals.

Invested In: Long Gold on SPDR Gold Trust and Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners

Bill Fleckenstein

'People talk about such-and-such being 'as good as gold' (while you never hear 'as good as coloured paper'). They'll describe some great business as 'a gold mine' or talk about 'the golden rule' as though it's an ironclad law. Yet most people continue to treat gold like dirt, or worse.'- Fleckenstein writes on MSN Money

'Look, gold is a form of currency. That's the way it's been for thousands of years. A lot of uniformed people don't seem to understand that, but it's just a fact.' - Interview with Analyst Wire

Invested In: SPDR Gold Trust

Marc Faber

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