BUBBA WATSON: Meet The Goofy Southerner Who's Now Everyone's favourite Golfer

bubba watson smiling funny

Photo: YouTube

Everyone loves Bubba Watson.It could be his funny name, his reckless playing style, or the way he seems to bounce around the course like a little kid.

But no matter the reason, one thing is clear after yesterday’s thrilling Masters final round — golf has stumbled upon the star it desperately needs.

And once you see Bubba’s backstory, you’ll like him even more.

Bubba grew up in Bagdad, Florida. He eventually played golf at the University of Georgia before turning pro in 2006. He's a southerner through and through

He even bought the famous General Lee from 'The Dukes of Hazard' for $110,000

Source: Yahoo!

He's self-taught, and uses an unorthodox swing that 'proves that all the things we think you shouldn't do aren't necessarily things you shouldn't do,' according to his caddie

Source: SI

Not everyone appreciates his daredevil style. In his third-ever round as a pro, the guy he was playing with asked him if he was joking around. 'Oh, no, this is how I play golf,' he responded.

Source: SI

Bubba continued to clash with his fellow golfers. He was cranky on the course and eventually his caddie gave him an ultimatum: control your emotions, or I quit

Source: SI

He learned to control himself and won his first PGA Tour event in 2010 at the travellers Championship. He dedicated the win to his father, who was battling throat cancer

Bubba is unconventional off the course too. He made a parody boy-band music video with fellow pros Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and Ben Crane. He wore overalls

He also likes jet skiing, bowling, playing mini golf, and shooting AK-47s with Navy SEALs

Source: SI

At the Masters, he used this unorthodox style to hit a shot no one else could hit — a 40-yard hook out of trees and onto the green on the second playoff hole


The shot won him the tournament, and he once again broke down after the victory. This time he tearfully talked about his wife and adopted baby boy Caleb

In five seasons on tour he has won 6 tournaments and earned $15.9 million. He's still only 33

Thanks to borderline-insane shots like these (15 seconds in), he's now the most charismatic player in golf

Not ready to say goodbye to the Masters yet?

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