WHO IS A BETTER CEO: Larry Page Or Mark Zuckerberg? [POLL]

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Earlier today, Nicholas Carlson wrote that the big problem with Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO of a $100 billion public company is that he just doesn’t care all that much about money.

It’s a fair point. Most investors want to invest in a CEO who is obsessed with making money.

However, Google has done pretty well for investors, and it’s unclear how interested in money Larry Page is.

In fact, you could argue that Larry Page is worse than Mark Zuckerberg because Page is more interested (it seems) in lots of weird side projects than fortifying Google’s core business.

Rather than making Android an indestructible force, Google is working on Google Glasses. Instead of killing Microsoft office by making Google Docs the greatest thing ever, Google is doing self driving cars.

Arguably, Google is a huge company and it should be able to handle multiple projects. However, it only has one big line of business — search. It has failed to really monetise the rest of its projects. So, it sure seems like Larry Page isn’t that into money, either.

At least Zuckerberg is focused 100% on Facebook’s core business, and has never seemed to waver from that.

At any rate, we want to put it to a vote: Who would you bet on Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg? Who makes you more nervous? Vote below then drop an explanation in the comments!

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