READER VOTE! Who Else Should Be Knocked Out?

Maybe Dick Fuld was punched, maybe he wasn’t. We rather enjoy the lore of his getting slugged. Of course, we enjoy it strictly as lore. L-O-R-E. At The Business Sheet, we’re above violence.


As this financial mess drags on we’re all getting tired of certain pundits and angry with certain politicans and CEOs. So we’ve put together this handy poll for you to let us know who you’d like to deck.

In case you’re wondering, we couldn’t call Dick Fuld “Dick” because Vizu, who is hosting our poll wouldn’t let us use the word.


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Wall Street Fighter ran a similar story yesterday while we were putting together our poll. We opted not to kill our story since we’ve got a poll and they’ve just decided who ought to get hit.

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