Studios Blink? Writers and Studios Agree to More Talks

The LA Times suggests that is was the studios who threw out an olive branch–by agreeing to head back to the negotiating table while the writers were still on strike. Talks start the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Background from the WSJ:

In the first ray of hope since Hollywood screenwriters began a strike two weeks ago, the Writers Guild of America and their movie and TV studio counterparts said they would resume negotiations on Nov. 26.

The guild’s 12,000 screenwriters walked off the job on Nov. 5 after last-minute talks to avert a strike broke down. Since then, the two sides have not met, and some have wondered whether the strike would drag on for months. But behind the scenes, a variety of back-channel efforts to start talks — involving writers, their agents and some in the Hollywood legal community — have been attempting to jump-start talks.

LA Times suggests it was the studios who relented first:

Although it was unclear which side took the initiative to revive the talks, the decision was mutual, according to people close to the matter. The breakthrough came about as a result of back-channel talks between prominent television writers and senior executives, including News Corp. President Peter Chernin, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger, Warner Bros. Entertainment Chairman Barry Meyer and CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves.

Clearing the way for talks to restart was a decision this week by Nick Counter, the studios’ chief negotiator, to drop his demand that talks not occur as long as writers were on strike.

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