Meet Tiger's Hush-Money Negotiators: Lavely & Singer

Jay Lavely Martin Singer

The public’s first peek at the repercussions of Tiger Woods’s infidelity came not just after this year’s Thanksgiving, but in 2007, when he smiled for the cover of Men’s Fitness.

Behind that cover was a deal made by boutique entertainment law firm Lavely & Singer and name partners, John “Jay” Lavely and Martin Singer.

The firm is the go-to for the famous in PR trouble (Woods, Nic Cage in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend) and for going after the tabloids and publications that stars (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart in their “McSteamy” lawsuit against Gawker) believe cause them trouble.

Lin Wood, a Brian Cave partner who often handles media-related matters, told The National Law Journal that hiring Lavely & Singer (again), Woods “sends a message he’s got someone with experience who will be looking over everybody’s shoulder.”

Singer, the NLJ said, is famous for his cease-and-desist letters in libel cases, making him well-known to every tabloid around.

Singer may be a Californian now, but he hails from New York — he went to college at City College of New York and graduated from Brooklyn Law School.

Lavely was also educated on the east coast — undergrad at Yale and law school at Penn. 

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