Who Are The 9 People In Mark Zuckerberg's Inner Twitter Circle?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently joined Twitter, Valleywag’s Owen Thomas notes*.

Itching to read Zuck’s inner thoughts? Good luck: He’s keeping his tweets private — three so far — and so far, he’s only approved nine people to read them. Who are they?

Dave Morin Facebook rising star, “Facebook Connect” guru

Robert Scoble FastCompany.TV director, Zuck’s Davos walking buddy

Aaron Sittig Facebook product designer, former Napster engineer, worked on Macster

Eston Bond Facebook product designer, firearms enthusiast

David Sze Greylock partner, Facebook investor, board member, BlackBerry spokesmodel

Charles Cheever Facebook engineer, Harvard alum

Adam D’Angelo Former Facebook chief technology officer, longtime Zuck pal

David Kirkpatrick Fortune writer, had exclusive on Facebook platform launch last May, calls Zuck a “boy wonder”

Ben Blumenfeld Facebook marketing design lead*We haven’t actually verified that this is the real Mark Zuckerberg’s real Twitter account. But for a variety of reasons, we’re pretty sure it’s him.

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