The 10 Goldman Bankers Who Will Get More Than $10 Million In Bonuses

Goldman Protest

We know that Goldman employees are going to get huge bonuses this year, but not everyone is equal.

Top traders and bankers will pull in several times what more typical employees get (sometimes hundreds of times).

ABC News throws out some names of who will likely take down the huge pay checks.

Pierre-Henri Flamand. London-based global head of Goldman’s purely proprietary trading group, Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies. (Goldman apparently paid him $100 million a few years ago.)

Ashok Varadhan. Global head of foreign exchange trading in North America. (He made partner in 2002 at age 29.)

David Heller. Co-head of the Securities Division.

Ed Eisler. Head of interest rate trading (which is part of Goldman’s most profitable division, Fixed Income Commodities and Currency).

Raanan Agus. The manager of Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, a $7 billion hedge fund created at the start of 2008.

Marc Spilker. Co-runs the entire massive investment management business. (Fun detail: Spilker got into a fight with Jim Chanos over his Hampton’s shrubbery.)

Harvey Schwartz. Head of global sales and a co-head of the firm’s securities division.

Isabelle Ealet. London-based global head of commodities. (She’s # 32 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business.)

Gordon Dyal. Global head of M&A.

Richard Friedman. Head of the merchant banking division.

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