Can You Guess Which Phone Samsung Is Trying To Destroy Based On This Leaked Photo?

White galaxy s ii

Photo: Digitec

This leaked image of a white Samsung is just another hint that we should be seeing the phone here in the U.S. very soon.So far, we’ve only seen a black model of the Galaxy S II, which we reviewed a few weeks ago.

We’re guessing the image to the right is a response to the white version of another very popular smartphone.

Most expect the Galaxy S II to launch in the U.S. in August. As further evidence, we received a teaser package this week from Samsung’s PR telling us to “Keep watch for the next generation Galaxy S.”

Samsung also has a new sign-up page for e-mail alerts about the Galaxy S II.

We liked using the Galaxy S II, but it’s hard to determine how it can compete with the iPhone 5 when we still know very little about it.

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