We just saw a new term for white men in tech: 'non-diverse'

Salesforce CEO Marc BenioffJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff

When it comes to companies that have staffed their board with people of many backgrounds, Salesforce has done commendable job.

Its board of directors includes former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Gilead Sciences CFO Robin Washington as well as YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and former vice president of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes.

That means that of the 12 people on its board, four of them (one third) are not white males.

(And, by the way, the company’s initiatives on equal pay for women make it a roll model on that front)

Still we couldn’t help but chuckle at the company’s latest SEC filing, in which it describes the backgrounds of its board.

Take a look at the chart, at the part where it describes the diversity of its board. 33% of them are “diverse” and 67% of them are “non diverse.”

We have now gotten to the point in the diversity discussion where everyone is being labelled in relation to it. The new chic term for white men: non-diverse.

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