White House Easter 'Tradition' Involves Putting A Staffer In A Terrifying Fuzzy Bunny Costume

Obama easter bunny APPresident Barack Obama alongside the mysterious rabbit.

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, were joined by an unnamed White House staffer in a decidedly creepy fuzzy bunny suit at the annual White House Easter Roll Monday.

ObamaFoodorama.com Executive Editor Eddie Gehman Kohan filed a press pool report from the event and asked who had the dubious honour of donning the bunny suit. According to Kohan, she was told a White House staffer wore the costume “as is tradition.” However, the White House did not tell Kohan the name of the masked rabbit’s identity.

White House spokespeople also did not respond to multiple requests from Business Insider inquiring about the identity of the figure the Guardian aptly described as “a towering, man-sized rabbit whose unblinking eyes never stray from the president and his wife.”

In her speech at the event, Michelle Obama praised the creature.

“We want to thank the Easter Bunny, as always, for being here,” she said.

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