For $3.995 Million You Can Live In An Almost Exact Replica Of The White House

If you’re envious of the iconic real estate that comes with being commander-in-chief of the United States, you now have a chance to live in the White House, too.

Well, sort of.

This $3.995 million home in McLean, Va., is almost an exact replica of the White House. The six-bedroom home just came back on the market after being price chopped from $4.65 million, according to Curbed.

The house boasts 12,000 square feet of living space, a 100-person party room, replicas of the Lincoln and State Rooms as well as the Truman Balcony, and even an “oval” room that could be used as an office.

History lovers might be rejoicing, but we find it very tacky.

white house replica

Photo: RedFin

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