White House says political comments made by ESPN's Jemele Hill are a 'fireable offence'

The White House has responded to comments made by ESPN’s Jemele Hill about President Donald Trump.

When asked about the comments during Wednesday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the comments “outrageous” and said that she believed them to be a “fireable offence.”

Hill called Trump a white supremacist during a discussion on Twitter and argued that his rise has further empowered white supremacists. ESPN responded soon after with a statement that said the issue had been addressed and Hill “recognises her actions as inappropriate.”

Hill has been silent on Twitter since, but the tweets are still up as of the time of this writing.

Hill has previously discussed the difficulty she has keeping away from making public comments with a political charge. “I have to talk myself out of sending certain tweets several times a day,” Hill told Sports Illustrated’s Richard Dietsch last month. “When you’re under the leadership of a President that refuses to condemn Nazis and racism, how am I supposed to function the rest of the day and pretend as if I give a s— about Blake Bortles losing his job? That’s the conversation I’m having with myself on daily basis.”

You can watch the comments from the White House below.

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