Channing Tatum Takes Down Terrorists In 'White House Down' Trailer

white house down channing tatumChanning Tatum returns front and centre to the box office in ‘White House Down.’

Sony released a new trailer for its upcoming summer film,

 “White House Down,” and it’s great.The film follows John Cale (Tatum) as he interviews for a Secret Service position at the White House. 

However, the interview takes a turn for the worse when a hostage crisis gets underway. 

Instead of running off, Cale heads into danger fighting off terrorists and teams up with the president (Jamie Foxx) to take back the White House.

This is how you get hired.

The film comes from director Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”). The chemistry between Foxx and Tatum here is electric. That shouldn’t be a surprise after seeing the two together on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“White House Down” comes to theatres June 28.

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