White House Dismisses 'Clown Question' About Obama's Relationship With British Leader

AP080725032991AP/Jae C. HongPresident Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2008.

The White House won’t say whether or not President Barack Obama refers to British Prime Minister David Cameron as his “bro.”

In a Daily Mail interview published over the weekend, Cameron touted his close relationship with Obama by using the phrase.

“Yes, he sometimes calls me ‘Bro,'” Cameron reportedly said.

However, asked about the report Monday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded by quoting Washington Nationals player¬†Bryce Harper, who once famously dismissed a reporter’s “clown question.”

“To paraphrase a local baseball player here in Washington DC,¬†that’s a clown question bro,” Earnest joked at his daily media briefing, to the loud groans of the reporters in the room.

Earnest went on to say he was “just teasing” because he “wanted to use ‘bro’ in my own response.”

He then provided a more official comment declining to offer more on the “bro” story.

“I am not able to give much more insight about the private communications between the president of the United States and the prime minister of the United Kingdom,” he added.

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