Dan Murphy’s announces pre-orders for cult hard seltzer brand White Claw after reporting a 798% surge in searches on its website

  • Dan Murphy’s is the first Aussie retailer that will let you pre-order the hit seltzer brand White Claw.
  • White Claw Hard Seltzer gained popularity in the US after launching there in 2016, and it will soon be available in Australia.
  • Pre-orders from Dan Murphy’s kick off on October 5.
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White Claw is coming to Dan Murphy’s.

Dan Murphy’s is the first Aussie retailer that will let you pre-order the cult seltzer brand White Claw Hard Seltzer.

In May 2020, beverage giant Lion announced a partnership with Mark Anthony Brands International to sell White Claw Hard Seltzer in Australia.

From next month, Aussies will be able to get their hands on the beverage.

White Claw is made of sparkling water, tripled distilled spirits and fruit flavours. It has 95 calories in a can and is gluten-free. The brand gained popularity particularly among younger consumers in the US after first launching in 2016 and has since gained a global following.

Pre-orders from Dan Murphy’s begin on Monday 5 October at 9am, with the option of getting White Claw either through pickup or contactless delivery. The seltzers – which come in three flavours, Mango, Natural Lime and Ruby Grapefruit – will then be available in stores from Monday 12 October.

White Claw will be offered in a four-pack of 330ml cans at $23.90, and you get free delivery if you pre-order.

“White Claw is without a doubt 2020’s most anticipated drink,” Dan Murphy’s Premix Category Manager Andrew McCrae said in a statement. He added that Dan Murphy’s has seen a massive 798% increase in searches for White Claw on its site over the last two weeks.

Dan Murphy’s has more than doubled its range of Aussie made and imported seltzers in time for what has been deemed as the spring and summer of seltzers.

“Since we increased our range in September, we’ve seen more Australians getting curious about seltzers. In the last three weeks, we’ve seen seltzer sales grow with almost 100 per cent,” McCrae added.