WHITE AMERICA: Guess Who Feels They Face The Worst Racism?


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Here is a shocker: According to a study called “Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing” that appears in the May 2011 issues of Perspectives on Psychological Science, white people believe all-white racism is now a bigger problem than anti-black sentiment.Two professors, one from Harvard Business School professor and one from Tufts, asked 209 white and 208 black men and women “to rate ‘racism’ against both ethnic groups since the 1950s on a scale from one to 10.

The result: Both groups agree that racism against blacks has gone down significantly, but white people think they are now more persecuted than their counterparts.

In The New York Times, George Mason University Law Professor David E. Berstein offered an explanation: “While affirmative action advocates don’t perceive of such preferences as anti-white discrimination, many whites do. Given the overt nature of such preferences, and many whites’ own perceived self-interest in the matter, it’s not terribly surprising that whites subjectively perceive discrimination against members of their own group as an especially significant and growing problem, even though, objectively speaking, bias against blacks is far more pervasive, problematic and ill-intentioned.”

For white people, racism is a zero-sum game that they are losing; for blacks, racism is an occurrence that can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The second view is more reflective of reality.