This Picture Sums Up Why You Should Work For An LA Startup Over One In New York Or San Francisco

Yesterday, we visited Whisper’s current Santa Monica headquarters. In March, it will be moving to a big new space in Venice Beach. Whisper is Michael Heyward’s anonymous, secret-sharing startup that earns 3 billion page views per month. It has 32 employees.

Later, we’ll be running an office tour of the space. But for now, there’s only one picture you need to see to know why you should strive to work for a startup in Los Angeles instead of in New York or San Francisco.

Naturally, that reason is the weather.

Whisper’s office is located one block from the beach. In its backyard, there’s a pool. But like most successful startups, the employees are too motivated to lounge. Although they say in the summer, when it’s scorching hot in Santa Monica, they take advantage of it more often.

Yesterday when we visited, it was 75 degrees. Employees were playing ping pong and taking phone calls at picnic tables.

Here’s a picture of Whisper’s backyard.

Whisper poolBusiness InsiderWhisper’s backyard.

And here’s a picture of the beach, which is a five minute walk from the office.

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