From whisky to weighted blankets, here are some top Christmas gift ideas for 2021

From whisky to weighted blankets, here are some top Christmas gift ideas for 2021
Image: iStock / karandaev
This article is sponsored by Laphroaig.

Another year, another round of Christmas presents to hunt for.

It might seem like we’ve officially tapped out the creative juices when it comes to Christmas gifts, and as we strive to find something more original and unique than previous years, the stress undeniably mounts.

So, for this Christmas, let’s bring it back to basics — the tried and tested gifts that are universally beloved by whoever’s receiving them. Sure, there will have to be some tweaking and customising depending on who you’re buying for, but we guarantee you’ll find something for everyone in the round-up below.

A bold whisky

If your giftee knows a thing or two about whisky, there’s a good chance they’ll recognise Laphroaig. Situated in the Islay region of Scotland, the distillery is well-known for its rich, peaty whiskies and bold marketing campaigns

While whisky, in general, is sure to put a smile on their face, gifting one of Laphroaig’s quintessential drops will really cement your place in their good books. 

Enter the Laphroaig 10-Year-Old — a smoke monster that has been perfected over 200 years. The result is a bold slap in the face with specifically highlighted notes of peat smoke, salt, seaweed and sweetness. 

This one’s for the whisky drinker who’s been around the block and appreciates a premium dram. While it’s not completely off-limits to whisky newbies, its big smokey flavours can be pretty in-your-face.


Socks & jocks

Do you know a single person who buys underwear and socks for themselves? Probably not. As you get older, these two items become the most treasured present out of the entire haul — nothing beats putting on a fresh pair of jocks after an entire year of going through your regular cycle of worn, well-worn and probably-should-throw-out-but-won’t.

Don’t think that this option is boring in the slightest. Yes, perhaps when you were young, anticipating some form of ultimate water gun or trampoline, but as adults, we know there aren’t going to be toys for us under the tree this year (or any year moving forward).

Gift voucher with a twist

Before you scoff at the unoriginality of gift vouchers, might we offer a twist — find a medium-sized box, get some intel into the types of sweets/chocolate/savour snacks the giftee enjoys and fill that box up to the brim, hiding the gift voucher right at the bottom.

If you’re game enough, don’t even tell them about the gift voucher, just let them believe you simply got them a box of their favourite treat (which is quite the thoughtful present as is), and wait for that inevitable text message a few weeks later telling you they found the gift voucher.


Usually, Christmas in Australia tends to be too warm to even consider gifting someone with warm trackies, however, this year is proving to be slightly different.

Thanks to La Niña, it looks like we’re in for another wet and wild “summer”, so take advantage of the situation by finding the warmest trackies you possibly can.

People love to receive presents they can immediately wrap themselves in and wear for the remainder of the day.

Weighted blanket

For similar reasons to trackies, a weighted blanket is a standout choice for Christmas 2021 — and it doesn’t necessarily have to be an overly warm choice.

There are dozens of different brands out there making lightweight, breathable weighted blankets, and if the noise made over the past year-or-so tells us anything, it’s that this (not entirely) new sleeping accessory is a miracle worker.

For the person in your life who struggles to sleep through the night (or sleep at all), this could become the top gift they’ve received…perhaps ever?

Grooming kit

You have to be careful with the grooming kit option, however, if you execute it well, it can be a solid gift idea.

The last thing you want is for the person on the receiving end to jump to conclusions and assume everyone believes they’re slobs, so opt for a nice kit that comes with everything — not just one particular area in need of grooming.

Aim for a kit with all or some of the following: razor, shaving cream, balm, cologne, nail clipper,