There's a new way for you to bet on the future of whiskey

If you really like whiskey, and think more people will too, you now have a chance to put your money where your mouth is.

ETF Managers Group is releasing an ETF that plans to track the performance of the whiskey and bourbon industry, pending approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The ETF will track an index made up of companies “across a wide variety of industries that are involved in the overall ‘Bourbon and Whiskey Economy’,” according to a filing with the SEC. This includes producers of crops that go into the production, the ageing of whiskey, by-product management of whiskey products, and more.

While the filing did not list specific firms that the ETF will track, the firm said it is using proprietary research to select the companies, though all are required to have a market cap of at least $250 million.

The index fund set-up comes after years of growth in the whiskey business, including booming growth in India and the shift to artisanal liquors.

In the filing, ETF Managers did not specify the fees associated with the fund.

This whiskey fund comes during a boom for ETFs that are beginning to target many different niches. ETFs have been created to track everything from the video game industry to the health habits of young people.

The only problem is, by the time the ETF comes out, performance for the trend has topped out.

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