While Australia bakes, it's -6C in Boston - at lunchtime

Downtown Boston copping a snowstorm on Thursday February 9, 2017. (Source: Tony Yoo)

I’m in Boston right now, on a work trip out of Sydney, feeling sorry for those back home prepping for this weekend’s apocalyptic heatwave.

But spare a thought for those in the United States that are simultaneously suffering from a massive snowstorm.

With a severe weather warning in place, all public schools here in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia were closed for Thursday and, according to NBC, 3,800 flights have been cancelled. Many shops have also closed for the day, as have outdoor tourist attractions.

Up to 16 inches, or 406mm, of snow is expected to have piled up by the end of the day in north-eastern United States. Downtown Boston is almost deserted with people staying home or staying tucked away in offices.

Temperatures were around –6C at lunchtime in Boston but the wind chill brought the “feels like” temperature down to a bone-numbing –15C, according to the Google weather app.

New York police today reported that a man died Thursday morning after he fell through a window while shovelling snow. The medical examiner is investigating the cause of death.

Extreme weather, everywhere.

The journalist travelled to Boston courtesy of Sonos.

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