Which Were The Best And Worst Ads Of The Year?

volkswagen force vader

Photo: Screengrab from Volkswagen on YouTube

On Dec. 1, Business Insider will unveil the 10 best and 10 worst ads of the year.We’ve been monitoring ads all year, and so far we can say that the standard in both categories is very, very high.

To give you an idea of how high, last year VW’s little Darth Vader didn’t win.

If you’d like to nominate a best or worst ad, email us at jedwards @ businessinsider .com. (We’re mostly concentrating on print and TV ads, not radio or web banners. We’re judging single executions, not entire campaigns. And we’re judging almost entirely on creativity and entertainment value, not ROI.)

But before you do that, check out last year’s crop of gold and garbage:

  • The best ads of 2011.
  • The worst ads of 2011.

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