Who Has The Dumbest Followers On Twitter?

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Photo: Kim Scarborough

Tom Scott, “geek comedian”, recently created a fun tool for judging just how stupid someone’s followers on Twitter are.Stupid Fight lets you enter two Twitter handles, then looks at the followers of each, and passes judgment on which group is stupider. Tom doesn’t reveal exactly how it works, but says it looks for signs of stupidity like excessive punctuation, all-caps, and the dreaded ‘OMG’.

On the validity of the test, Tom says: “Its accuracy given one individual Twitter message, or one individual user, is quite low. On average, however, it’s not a bad test at all.” At least half of that sounds about right.

So, who has the smarter fans in tech:

  • Mike Arrington or Pete Cashmore?
  • Fred Wilson or Chris Dixon?
  • Nick Carlson or Dan Frommer?

The answers to these and more (including a few non-tech bonus matchups):

See who has the dumbest Twitter followers >

Relatively strong scores for both investor-bloggers, but Fred Wilson wins this one

Biz Stone, once again stuck in Ev's shadow

Gowalla: the thinking man's check-in app

The cognoscenti want to know what Google is up to; Microsoft, not so much

Walt Mossberg, you just got Scobleized

Pete Cashmore apparently appeals to a lower brow audience than Mike Arrington

The tightest matchup we saw, but Dan Frommer has slightly dumber followers than Nick Carlson.


Just sayin'

You'd be stupid NOT to follow Sarah Palin on Twitter

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