These Types Of People End Up More Successful Than Everyone Else


  • Self-discipline is a better predictor of success than IQ.
  • Happiness translates into success and happier people are more successful. Just don’t be too happy.
  • Gay men have 12 per cent lower personal incomes and lesbians have 15 per cent higher personal incomes than heterosexual men and women.
  • Nice guys make less money, rude people have higher credit scores and being ethical can hurt your income.
  • Taller people make more money and it’s because they’re smarter. Thin women make more money. Weight has a positive effect on men’s salary until they’re obese.
  • Beautiful people are more successful and it’s largely because they’re more confident. Beautiful people are likely to be happier, earn more money, get a bank loan with a lower interest rate and marry a good-looking and highly educated spouse. Hot college professors make more and your house will sell for more money if your real estate agent is attractive.
  • What if you’re not so beautiful? Well groomed people earn more too.
  • Married men make more than single men. This is even true for professional baseball players. It isn’t true for gay men, however.
  • Drinkers make more money. Smokers don’t.
  • The best prostitutes make less money than average ones. Sexist men bring home bigger checks.
  • People with easy to pronounce names and wives who don’t take their husband’s name have higher incomes.
  • Self-esteem, personality and the season of your birth are all relevant factors as well.

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