Here's What To Order At McDonald's If You Want 'Real' Eggs

McDonald's eggsYouTube/McDonald’s AustraliaEggs used in McDonald’s Egg McMuffins.

Not all McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are created equal.

The chain uses a mixture of whole eggs, liquid eggs and frozen eggs in its dishes that have varying levels of additives.

The freshest item on the menu is the Egg McMuffin, which uses whole eggs that are freshly cracked and cooked in restaurants and free of additives.

The Egg White McMuffin, which uses liquid egg whites, is also free of additives.

The rest of McDonald’s egg dishes are made from liquid eggs that contain additional ingredients for texture, flavour, and preservative properties.

The scrambled eggs are cooked in restaurants from liquid eggs containing sodium acid pyrophosophate, citric acid, monosodium phosphate, and nisin, according to the company.

The folded eggs — which are used in the McGriddle, bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, bagel sandwiches and other dishes — are cooked from liquid eggs in factories, then flash-frozen and sent to restaurants, where the dishes are warmed before being served.

McDonald's eggs gifMcDonald’sMcDonald’s eggs are cracked to make liquid eggs.

Those eggs containsodium acid pyrophosophate, citric acid, and monosodium phosphate, for colour, as well as carrageenan, modified foot starch, and soybean oil for texture. The eggs also have soy lethicin to prevent the eggs from sticking to pans while cooking.

The sausage burrito also contains pre-made liquid eggs, which include ingredients such as nonfat milk, butter, lipolized butter oil, xantham gum, modified food starch and soybeal oil.

Here’s a graphic from the company that explains McDonald’s cooking practices when it comes to eggs:

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