Which Lawyer In The Tiger Woods Negotiations Leaked The New "Pre-Nup" Details?

Tiger and Caddy

Everyone has Tiger fatigue, but, even so, we still can’t help but consider what is going on with the lawyers in this whole scenario.

At first we had Orlando criminal defence attorney Mark NeJame. He cancelled Woods’s interview with the authorities and appears to have advised him just to keep quiet, and that part of the debale ended with nothing more than a moving violation.

Though there was a lot of talk about what he should say for the purposes of the “court of public” opinion, any decent lawyer thought silence was the only move.

And we have not heard from NeJame since. Well played, Mark NeJame.

The next lawyer to make an appearance was, of course, Gloria Allred. Allred is “representing” Rachel Uchitel, one of the women alleged to have had an affair with Woods.  She had scheduled a press conference for today, but cancelled it without giving a reason. 

Allred is not known for being shy of the spotlight, so one assumes something is keeping her quiet. Speculation of course is that there was some sort of “settlement” paid to Urquitel. It could be that, it could be her client is not telling the truth, it could be she had a headache and didn’t feel like showing up.   Basically, it could be anything. But Allred quiet is unusual, to say the least.

Finally, today brought word of the renegotiation of a pre-nup, or, more likely tossing of it in favour of creating a post-nup. Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times, quoting sources, was the first to report the news. Gerald Posner of The Daily Beast then reported the numbers: up to $80 million, depending on how long the marriage lasts.

Posner’s source was “the lawyer familiar with the couple’s negotiations.” Let’s assume for a second that whoever “the lawyer” is is one that would not leak to the public anything his client did not want to be leaked. And therefore, in this case, talking to The Daily Beast was done at the direction of his or her client — which is either him, Tiger or her, Elin. So much for wanting privacy. 

(We do realise there is a possibility one attorney is doing the redrafting at the request of both — like any law school graduate, we noticed Posner said “the lawyer familiar” and not “a lawyer familar.”  But that doesn’t make it much of a “negotiation” and would be inadvisable and possibly unethical all the way around.)

The aftermath of almost all celebrity scandals invovles a lawyers doing clean-up. Some of the attorneys in this situation are doing it more quietly than others.

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