5 Reasons Why Amazon's Kindle Bookstore Is The Best E-Bookstore Right Now

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There are many e-book stores on the market today such as the iBookstore, the Kindle Store, Sony’s eBookstore, Google Books, and more.

But which one is worth your money?

The decision comes down to many factors, the biggest of which being where you want to read your content.

Are you looking for a tablet computer, or a gadget to focus on reading? Do you have multiple devices, or do you have a flip phone and a laptop?

We pick one winner that seems to excel in any category you choose, given the fact that you want to read and not play Angry Birds.

Kindle has an app for every platform

It doesn't matter that Amazon doesn't use the 'open' ePub like Apple, because every provider uses DRM to lock down digital content anyway. Yes--if you use an iPad or a Nook you can rent out library books from certain libraries using ePub, but using this simple tool, you can convert just about anything to a Kindle-ready format.

What does matter is where you can read content you've purchased. With Kindle, you can access your content on almost any device (like Amazon's Kindle, Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Windows Phone 7, and more)

We liked the iBooks app the best, but it's only available on iOS devices. The Nook app was clunky, and we had an overall better experience with the Kindle app.

The Kindle Store is not as big as Barnes and Noble's, but is sometimes cheaper

It's tough to tell exactly how many books each store has in its library, because some of them include free books (from sources like Project Gutenberg) to artificially jack up the library total.

We did a little research and break down the numbers for you, as far as we can tell.

According to Amazon, the Kindle Store has more than 850,000 books, while the iBookstore has around 200,000, and the Nook Store has 2,000,000 books (which includes an undisclosed number of free books that Amazon tells you how to access). Google Books has more than 3,000,000, but many of which are old books that have been scanned and are difficult to read.

Regardless of how big the library of books is, Amazon's Kindle Store has a 'curated' feel to it, whereas the Nook Store merely has categories to guide you. There is a Kindle Blog, as well as staff recommendations, Kindle eBooks Exclusives, and more.

The Kindle reader is the best e-reading device

Combining its insanely long battery life, weight, ease of use, and price, we think the Kindle is a winner.

The Kindle lasts three times as long as the iPad or the Nook (even the e-ink version of the Nook) at 30 hours of usage time, and contains new technology enabling higher contrast text.

If you're looking for a device to read things besides books, the Kindle probably isn't your best bet. But for reading books, the Kindle is the best device, and it works flawlessly with the Kindle Store.

Amazon has an incredible community of users that consistently review books

Amazon.com has become an expressive community of book-lovers.

People from around the world write lengthy, critical, and thoughtful reviews to help you figure out if you want to buy a book. We've yet to find a service or website with as insightful and as numerous reviews for products as we've found on Amazon, and the bookstore is at the heart of it.

In this way, the Kindle store may not be the biggest, but it is certainly the best store for finding a great book to read.

Amazon users love sharing Kindle books with each other

Using services like Lendle (or by having friends with Kindle books), it's easy to lend and borrow books for two weeks at a time, even if you don't have a Kindle. All you need is the app for your computer or device and a couple purchased books.

The more Kindle books you own, the more borrowing credits you get to ask other Lendle users for their Kindle books. The service is fun and easy to use.

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