Which Hunky Daily News Reporter Took Off His Shirt For Dove?

david shapiro

Daily News reporter Rich Shapiro took an hour-and-a-half shower for Dove body wash.

He reports a titillating account of the shoot today at the Daily News.

The photographer, Veronique Vial, looked me over and declared me ready to go.

But when I took off my shirt and saw that my nipples were horribly dry – due to the over-chlorinated hotel pool – I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry.

Vial summoned the makeup artist.

“No problem,” she said as she whipped out some cream.

I puffed out my damaged nips and she dabbed it on. For a moment, I savoured the absurdity of the scene: a Parisian makeup artist tending to my nipples.

Perhaps it’s not so bad to be a reporter these days.

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