BLIND ITEM: Which Famous Banker Did Donald Trump Have To "Carry Out On His Back" Because He Was Wasted?

donald trump piers morganPiers and the Donald.

Last night we managed to score a seat at the live taping of Piers Morgan’s interview with the Donald.Trump, looking orange-purple in the face and eyeing a pretty brunette in the front row (who he sauntered over to post-show, shook her hand, and told she looked like Sandra Bullock) had a funny anecdote about a super well-known banker who can’t hold his drink.

The line of questioning had arrived at Trump’s life-long sobriety, which the real estate mogul said was triggered by the illness and eventual death of his older, and beloved alcoholic brother Fred.

Piers then asked how that affected the Donald in social situations since, in their respective careers there’s many a wine-fuelled luncheon or dinner or party where Wall Streeters like to indulge in a tipple or two, and who, “by midnight, they’re rolling out drunk.”

waldorf astoria

Photo: Blogspot

And Donald responded with an anecdote.Once, a few years ago, he was at a swanky event at the Waldorf-Astoria. He says there was about two thousand people there, and a well-known banker was making a speech.

“I’ll never forget a very respected banker, highly respected. And he was making a speech at the Waldorf Astoria. And he was very tipsy, very — and shortly thereafter, he was just totally stone cold drunk,” the Donald explained. “There were probably 2,000 people, 1,500 people at this dinner. It was a very big event.”

According to the Donald, the banker proceeded to get drunk. Really drunk. So drunk, that he had to be carried out of the hotel and sent home.

donald dcThe Donald sips on his beloved Diet Coke during an ad break.

Photo: Business Insider

“We carried him out on his back,” he said. “And I never felt the same way about him. I see him today and I just don’t feel the same way. We carried him out. He was stone cold drunk in a big dinner. And I didn’t even know he drank. We carried him out literally on his back and –“Then Piers interrupted with: Is he still a senior banker?

And the Donald said he’d just retired. “But he was a very powerful banker, one of the biggest. And I never felt the same way about him. I lost respect for him.”

Minus points to Trump for not giving us any more clues to this Wall Streeter’s identity. 

The full rushed CNN transcript of the interview is here >

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