There is one degree that graduates overwhelmingly think is not worth having

Graduates with psychology degrees from British universities overwhelmingly feel like the three years they spent at university was not worth it in terms of the benefits it gave them later in life.

That’s according to the latest research from salary benchmarking site Emolument. Emolument surveyed 1,800 professionals in its network to ask them whether or not they see the degree they studied as “worthwhile” for their adult life.

In the 15 degree areas Emolument looked at, the majority saw their degree as worthwhile in 14 subjects, however, more than two-thirds of psychology graduates are dissatisfied with the outcome of three years of study.

67% of those surveyed said doing the degree was “not worth it.” Emolument provides some explanation for this, saying in a press release: “Considering it is the second most popular major in the UK, competition for psychology-related jobs is fierce, making it harder for graduates to stand out among other job-seekers and pushing many into careers they did not necessarily choose.”

Psychology grads may be the least satisfied, but at the other end of the spectrum it is scientists and mathematicians who think their degrees are the most worth it. 87% of natural scientists, 81% of computer scientists, and 80% of mathematicians and statisticians believed their degree to be worthwhile.

You can see the full spectrum of degrees in Emolument’s table below:

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