Which CNBC Anchor Was The Basis For 30 Rock's Avery Jessup?

The other night NBC’s 30 Rock involved a fictional CNBC anchor named Avery Jessup, who hosts the made-up show “Hot Box.”Basically, NBC Shinehardt-Universal vice president Jack Donagy makes an appearance on the show and a brief romance sparks between him and the right-wing, blond hostess as they mutually humiliate the liberal guest.

Since the show frequently uses thinly disguised characters from the real life NBC-Universal, we were wondering if anyone in particular was the basis for Avery Jessup.

We hear from a source close to the matter that Jessup was not only based on a real life anchor on CNBC, she was actually created by a CNBC anchor.

One of the shows producers, Rob Carlock, went to Harvard with Melissa Francis, the host of The Call on CNBC. She pitched the idea of Jack having a love interest who he met on a CNBC program, our source says. Carlock seems to have taken her up on the idea.

Things might not have gone exactly according to plan, however. Our source says Francis was hoping to play herself on the show. The producers decided that the part was too big for a non-actress to play. So they cast actress Elizabeth Banks. And Melissa found herself having to watch an actress play her in a part she created.

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