New York Fed Chief Bill Dudley Wined And Dined Wall Streeters Every Week Last Year

new york fed meetings

The New York fed just released the appointment schedule of its head Bill Dudley, between January 2009 and September 2010.

As one imagines, it was full of lots of wining and dining – though most of it took place within the Fed itself.

We took a look through and here’s what we found:

  • He had five meetings with Lloyd Blankfein, all of which took place at the Fed.
  • He met with Jamie Dimon four times. Twice at the Fed, once at JP Morgan, and an early dinner in midtown.
  • He met with James Gorman once at the Fed for lunch
  • He met with John Mack 3 times
  • He met with Vikram Pandit 6 times
  • He met with Paul Calello of Credit Suisse 4 times
  • He met with Robert Wolf of UBS 2 times
  • He met with Ken Chenault of Amex 2 times
  • He met with a ton of Private Equity firms: he met with Blackstone once; he met with Carlyle once
  • He had three meetings with Henry Kravis of KKR, one of which was a lunch where both Dudley and Kravis’ wives were there. He also went for dinner at the Kravis residence – separate from the other three meetings, for an event to honour Mark Carney.
  • He also met with hedge funds: he met with SAC Capital once; he met with Duquesne once; he met with Tudor once; he also met with Ken Griffin of Citadel and he met Larry Fink once too.
  • AIG was the official subject of at least 27 meetings…
  • He met with the CEOs of Pfizer, Hess and Verizon individually

Add up those meetings and (minus the meetings with Pfizer, Hess, and Verizon), the NY Fed held meetings with Wall Streeters 64 times. The meetings with PE firms put his tally up near one meeting per the 88 weeks covered by the schedule.

Here’s the full schedule

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