One chart shows where all of the world's fake goods come from

Whether or not you think it’s a total ripoff, the appearance of a new Chinese sportswear company called Uncle Martian that looks astoundingly like Under Armour certainly raises some questions about ripoffs and fake goods.

It also coincides with a real trend: According to the OECD, the world’s fake goods almost overwhelmingly come from one place: China.

In a new report, the OECD found that of the nearly 140,000 seizures of fake and counterfeit goods in 2013 (the most recent year available) a majority of them came from either mainland China or Hong King.

“The highest number of counterfeit shipments being seized originates from East Asia, with the People’s Republic of China (hereafter ‘China’) being on top,” said the report.

The report also indicated that the most counterfeited type of good was footwear, with over 25,000 reported seizures. This was followed by clothing, leather goods, electrical equipment, and watches.

Whether or not Uncle Martian is violating Under Armour’s trademark as the latter claims, it seems a lot of their fellow countrymen are violating intellectual property laws.

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