Consider Yesterday’s Earthquake A Test For The Safety Of Your Data

Rat Islands Earthquake

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So there was an earthquake, centered in Washington, DC and felt around the North East – including in New York City.If the earthquake had been more powerful, was your data safe? If your data would not have been safe,  you have no excuse. You know you should have your data completely backed up and you also know that there are many options to backup that information. Online back up solutions such as Carbonite, which I use are so easy and low cost, there is no excuse.

Here’s a quick “Backup 101”

Backup all your (and your employee) user files to an online backup service account.

Discuss with your online application providers (QuickBooks Online, Infusion Soft and other companies) how they backup your online data.

Ensure that your server applications are fully backed up. Even better ensure you have regular images of your servers hard drive so that you can easily restore your servers to fully working order in the event of a disaster.

That’s pretty much it – back up your individual desktop computers, your servers and ensure your online application data is fully backed up.

When disaster strikes – when you can’t get into your office or your computers are destroyed, this kind of plan will enable you to download your data to new computers and restore applications and data to new servers.

Read more information about online backup in an article I wrote for Symantec: Backup 101 and another article here.

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