Where to save --  and splurge -- when you're grocery shopping

Bargain hunting is a crucial skill to have when you’re grocery shopping.

But it’s just as important to know which grocery items are worth forking over more money for.

Not everything needs to be organic, but some items should be.

We consulted experts on where you should spend and save at the store.

Save: Other produce that falls in the 'clean fifteen'

Items like onions, cabbage, corn, and mushrooms -- amongst other fruits and vegetables -- known as the 'clean fifteen' -- will be fine if they're not organic because they have little to no pesticide traces as they are.

Save: By not buying 'organic' cookies


'There's really no need to buy organic sweets because a cookie is still a cookie,' Lisa Young, R.D. and other of 'The Portion Planner' said to Women's Health.

Earlier this year, Jess Dang told Business Insider that it's a smart idea to stay away from packaged goods in upscale grocery stores, like Whole Foods, because 'there's a huge mark up for any kind of organic snack and usually it's just not worth it.'

Splurge: Fish

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Go wild -- literally. 'You'll probably get more omega-3 if you eat a piece of fish that is wild versus farmed,' Kristin Kirkpatrick said to US News & World Report. 'It probably wouldn't have any food colouring. Lisa Young, R.D. specified to Women's Health the particular importance of purchasing wild salmon, versus farm-raised salmon -- which is made with added chemicals. 'Wild salmon has far fewer chemicals, meaning it's much healthier,' she said to the women's magazine.

Save: Spices, if it's not your thing

'However, if you cannot get to one of these (specialty) stores, it's perfectly fine to just pick the least expensive option at your grocery store (or see if you can purchase spices in bulk), as many general grocery store brands likely source their spices from the same place,' Dang explained to Business Insider.

Save: Buy dry goods, like nuts, in bulk

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'Items that can be commonly found in bulk bins at grocery stores -- like nuts, grains, dried fruit, flours -- are best purchased in bulk versus branded. The branded versions of these same products are more expensive and pretty much the same product. In addition buying them from the bulk bins means you can just purchase the amount you want and need,' Dang explained.

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