The Biggest Mayan Apocalypse Celebrations Around The World

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Look, we’re all wilfully ignoring the fact that the world will not be ending on Friday. NASA told us so, as did the Mayans, since we’ve completely misunderstood their calendar this entire time.But that won’t stop believers and non-believers around the world from from partying on December 21.

We’ve rounded up the biggest and best Apocalypse celebrations around the globe, from Salt Lake City to Bugarach, France.

It’s the end of days, friends — let’s live it up while we can.

Know of a party we missed? Let us know at [email protected].

Hang with Snoop Dogg in Salt Lake City, Utah

I bet when you were planning how you wanted to spend your last moments on earth, the name 'Snoop Dogg' popped into your brain.

Well fear not, because the icon himself will be performing at an end of the world concert at The Depot in Salt Lake City on December 21st...and he looks super pumped.

Tickets are $50 and available at

Dance the night away in Puebla, Mexico

Skrillex will be DJ-ing in Mexican cities from the 18th to the 22nd, and will be in Puebla on the 21st along with Zedd, 12th Planet, and Nadastrom the Mothership performing on the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

So at least if we all go down, it will be set against an epic dubstep soundtrack.

Cruise the Thames on a party boat

Sure, there will be some London nightclub shenanigans to celebrate the end of the world, but the real party will be on the Pirate Radio Party Boat cruising down the Thames river.

Aztec Mixdeck: A World's End Party will have live bands, performances, and lots and lots of alcohol.

Tickets are around $32 and are available here.

Get hitched in Las Vegas

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is offering a variety of Apocalypse-themed wedding deals on the 21st to take advantage of, from the Meet the Reaper special to the Planet X Gazebo package, so you can marry your sweetheart before it's too late.

But if you would rather be single, no worries -- 1OAK is having a huge End of the World blowout too, with models, celebrities, champagne, and go-go dancers.

Party all night — and the morning after — in NYC

There are a ton of NYC parties to check out before we all die in the apocalypse.

One of our faves is Beaumarchais, a French bistro in Meatpacking that will be featuring champagne, Mayan decor, DJ Jacques Dumas, and a Survival Brunch if the world doesn't end the following day.

Hit up Hollywood's huge End of the World bash

If you're in California, head to the Los Angeles nightclub, Drai's Hollywood for its huge End Of The World party.

Luminox will be DJ-ing at the LA hotspot, and be sure to dress to impress the doorman -- it's only the end of days, that's no excuse to look sloppy.

Take in a music festival in New Orleans

In The Big Easy, the best place to party will be the Cosmic Convergence Festival at Sugar Mill.

The line up of live musicians will begin at noon with the party extending into the early morning hours of December 22nd (pending the world's continued existence).

Drinking, music, and Southern hospitality will make this a great way to spend your last moments.

Tickets start at $55 and are available here.

Celebrate the start of the new Mayan calendar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If nightclubs aren't really how you get down, maybe academia is more your speed. The Carretera Chetumal Pto Juarez hotel will be celebrating the new era of the Mayan calendar with a documentary video about Mayan culture, a reproduction of a Mayan village on the beach, and even a series of Mayan ceremonies.

Celebrating culture can be a party, too!

Or just stop by your local T.G.I. Fridays

Since the world is supposedly ending on a Friday, T.G.I. Friday's thought it would throw a few parties of its own in select U.S. cities (including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, Chicago, and D.C.).

Called 'The Last Friday' party, the restaurants will be decked out with Mayan decor, photo booths, and will even feature a Mayan Margarita. Stay classy, T.G.I. Friday's.

Are you seriously worried? Head to Bugarach, a tiny French town that's supposedly be safe from the apocalypse, and where loads of believers will be hanging out

Many will be trying to pilgrimage to this tiny French village in the Pyrenean foothills, which the apocalypse will somehow magically bypass.

However, the problem is the town will apparently be closed on December 21.

But think how much fun you'll have with all of the doomsday rejects on the outskirts of Bugarach? We hear the flat mountain top is going to be the place to be.

There's a lot to do before December 21.

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