7 places to visit if you love vodka

Jonathan Leibson/GettyIn Texas, you can visit the headquarters of Deep Eddy Vodka.
  • Poland and Russia are both home to national vodka museums that educate visitors about the history and traditions of the spirit in each respective country.
  • In Sweden, Absolut Vodka offers its own museum that is complete with a bar and restaurant.
  • Considered to be one of the southernmost bars in the world, an Antarctic research base could be a special place to try unique vodka.
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Vodka, the star of many cocktail recipes, is a popular spirit that could be worth travelling for.

The alcohol has a long, somewhat uncertain history dating back to at least the 14th century. Vodka also has strong roots in places like Russia and Poland.

With such a storied history, there are several destinations a vodka fan might travel to learn about and experience the spirit. INSIDER consulted with Marco Del Rosario, chief operating officer of VacationRenter, to find some of the best ones.

Here are a few places with vodka-centric attractions and fares that any lover of the spirit might enjoy.

Warsaw, Poland, offers different ways to learn about and taste new and traditional vodkas.

JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP/GettyThere’s a lot of vodka to see and try in Warsaw.

Visitors to the Polish capital can devote some educational time to this popular spirit.

In 2018, a vodka museum opened in Warsaw and it’s in a neo-Gothic former distillation plant. There, visitors can even book special experiences based on the history of vodka or how to pair the spirit with food.

The tour company Eat Polska also offers a vodka tour in Warsaw, as well as the cities of Kraków and Gdańsk, for those interested in taking their tasting experience around town. The tour involves tasting different varieties of vodka as well as foods that contain the popular spirit.

St. Petersburg, Russia, is also home to a vodka museum.

TripAdvisorYou can see special bottles and glasses.

The Russian Vodka Museum, appropriately, is a place where visitors to St. Petersburg can explore a collection of quirky bottles, glasses, stoppers, and other ephemera of the country’s long history of vodka making.

It also boasts the world’s largest collection of Russian vodkas and visitors can enjoy a guided experience that includes a tasting.

The Netherlands is a rich vodka destination.

Abdullah Asiran/Anadolu Agency/GettyIf you’re a fan of Ketel One, you might like this place.

Those passing through the southern part of the country can tour the Nolet Distillery, producer of Ketel One vodka, which is located in Schiedam.

While there, you’ll also get to see De Nolet (also known as Noletmolen), which is considered to be the tallest windmill in the world, since it is used to power the distillery.

Fans of Absolut Vodka can learn about the history of the spirit in Sweden.

TripAdvisor/CarinoAbsolut Vodka is produced in Sweden.

On the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, Absolut has its Museum of Spirits, home to exhibitions on alcohol in Sweden and more. The location also houses a bar, restaurant, art exhibits, and café, so visitors have plenty of ways to experience the popular Swedish vodka.

Sample local vodka in one of the southernmost bars in the world.

Sergio Pitamitz/GettyIt’s very far south.

Should you ever find yourself in Antarctica, you might consider visiting the Vernadsky Research Base, which was famously sold by the UK to Ukraine in 1996 for one British pound.

The base was originally established by the British and was meant to be an Antarctic expeditionary base. The base still functions as a research center but it’s now also home to Faraday Bar, where visitors can warm up from the cold.

Faraday Bar is considered to be one of the southernmost bars in the world and the place produces its own vodka, which is made from glacier water and can be purchased for $US3.Notably, straight vodka is the only drink on this bar’s menu.

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In New York City, try a special vodka and tour a distillery.

YelpThe label has its own specialty vodka.

You can try plenty of vodka flavours and labels at bars in New York City, but for a unique experience you’ll likely want to check out Our/New York, which boasts being the first vodka distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition, when the creating and selling of alcohol was made illegal throughout the ’20s and ’30s in the US.

While there, you can taste cocktails made with the label’s specialty vodka, which is partially distilled, blended, and hand-bottled in Manhattan. Our/New York uses New-York-City water and a special copper-based distillery system to give the vodka it’s unique flavoring.

The location also has a full-service bar and tasting room and visitors can embark on a 20-minute tour of the distillery.

Visit Austin, Texas the home of Tito’s and other major vodka producers.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for NYCWFFTito’s is a popular vodka.

Austin is home to quite a few distilleries, including that of popular craft-vodka brand Tito’s.

Although the craft label doesn’t offer tours of its distillery, it sponsors a number of big-ticket, food-filled and music-filled events in the area that are worth visiting, like Austin City Limits, Hot Luck, and the Austin Food and Wine Festival.

In Austin, you can also visit Deep Eddy Vodka’s tasting room to try some specialty flavours, like ruby-red grapefruit and sweet tea.

While in Texas, you can also tour Dripping Springs, a local micro-distillery. There, you can also partake in vodka tastings. It’s located in Dripping Springs, which is about 45 minutes outside of Austin.

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