How One Of NYC's Hottest Nightlife Groups Is Blowing Out The Super Bowl

New Yorkers have come to expect a complete and total over-the-top show from Strategic Group — the nightlife group that owns the Dream Hotel, Marquee, Avenue, and LAVO.

Super Bowl 2014 will be no different.

How could it be? It’s on Strategic’s turf.

Every one of their properties has a lineup of celebrity-hosted or DJ’d parties, culminating in a Super Bowl Party/Brunch blow-out at LAVO featuring live cheerleaders, DJing during commercials, and its own special Halftime Show.

The details of the Show, of course, are a secret. Others details are out there, though. Strategic Group’s Andrew Goldberg says Marquee, which will host DJs Beats By Dre and Tiesto on Friday and Saturday respectively, will debut new theatrical lighting on Friday.

Think: LED lights everywhere — above your head, as well as on gloves, and on hats passed out to partiers when they enter the club.

On Friday, Afro Jack will be at Avenue (where Captain Wes Welker and other Broncos have already been spotted partying down), and on Saturday PH-D, the club on The Dream Hotel’s roof, will host an epic Sunset Saturday Pre-Game Showdown.

Of course, it all comes at a price (without tax and tip). A table at the LAVO Super Bowl viewing party starts at $US5,000. A table at the Sunset Saturday at PH-D? Tables starts at $US3,000. And for Tiesto you better at least have $US8,000 to throw down if you want table (with bottles of vodka and champagne on ice, of course, that goes for every spot without saying).

Goldberg says that he and his team have been planning these festivities for months. Super Bowl parties require a different touch than most others. The festivities are driven by sports fans that want a different experience than your run-of-the-mill party-goers.

“If you can have people like Joe Montana in your building you’ll do better than having someone like Johnny Depp,” says Goldberg.

Luckily, Strategic knows how to deliver that.

Usually, for Strategic, the Super Bowl is more like this: Goldberg and his team parachute into a smaller city — like Detroit or Denver, for example — bringing their natural New York talent for (tasteful) excess with them. There, they blow it out for corporate sponsors like Maxim who’ve rented out massive spaces like theatres and old opera houses for their Super Bowl party.

That’s what Strategic did in 2006, Goldberg’s favourite of parties past, when he and his team threw an epic blowout in Detroit that had celebrities of all stripes dancing in an old opera house’s sky boxes all night long.

“Everyone that goes out, went out,” says Goldberg. “It’s more of a guys guy event so you see athletes like Lawrence Taylor, and you shake his hand and you feel proud.”

Let the games begin.

Below, check out the full lineup of Strategic events.

THURSDAY: Afrojack at LAVO

FRIDAY: DJ Vice at LAVO, Beats by Dre at Marquee, Swizz Beatz at Avenue

SATURDAY: Tiesto at Marquee, Nick Cannon at LAVO, Sunset Saturday Pre-Game Showdown at PH-D at Dream Downtown

SUNDAY: LAVO Super Bowl viewing party

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