I went to Lithuania to drive a tank and it was one of the coolest things ever

I don’t drive a car but I love driving tanks.

My love for planes, tanks, and armoured vehicles started at an early age. I went to military school from the age of 12, until I went to university.

After hearing about Lithuania’s rich military history and how the country is peppered with hardware relics from the past, I flew out to the country’s capital Vilnius to drive a tank.

I ended up in a FV432 that was originally used in the British army to carry around soldiers. For the record, it was incredibly fun.

I've been obsessed with planes and tanks from an early age and try and find the time to experience as many flights or expeditions as possible.

I love driving tanks or even pretending to fly planes. Here I am in an old navy plane in Britain.

Maybe this is to compensate for the fact that I don't have a driving licence. I failed twice when I was 18.

But the beauty of having a UK passport is easy access to the rest of the EU: I found you can go to Vilnius to drive armoured vehicles.

It cost me less than £50 to drive this massive vehicle with 4 passengers.

It only cost me £150 for a return ticket and 5 nights at a hotel in the capital.

In the morning, an ex-Lithuanian military officer that ran the 'Tanks' expedition picked me up in his van and handed me a pack of dehydrated food that is used in the US military.

After driving 25 km from Vilnius, I arrived at a massive field that housed several armoured vehicles, tanks and old missile shells.

My steed for the day would be the FV432 which is actually an armoured personnel carrier used in the British army.

It actually looks a lot like a Space Marine vehicle used in Warhammer 40,000, the tabletop battle game.

One of the personnel at Tanks told me that he bought it from the UK for £10,000.

After a quick safety talk, which mostly involved NOT pressing a big red button inside the vehicle, I was shown how to operate it.

There are two big metal poles that you pull counter-intuitively at different angles to turn. Accelerating was terrifyingly simple.

This is what it looks like inside.

It goes A LOT faster than you think.

I really wanted to do this ...

But I instead ran over just a couple of small trees ...

After 15 minutes of insane fun, it was over.

Then I found an incredible military museum filled with obsolete tanks, guns and people carriers.

I didn't get to drive this one but I got to sit on it.

Now that you've seen this ...

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