Your Ultimate Guide To Buying A New iPad This Friday

ipad line china

The new iPad goes on sale at 8 AM this Friday.

Do you want one?

Here are the best strategies, conventional and unconventional alike, to get your hands on Apple’s newest tablet.

Here are the places selling the iPad

  • Apple Store (we suspect they'll have the largest stock)
  • Best Buy
  • Radio Shack (we suspect the shortest lines here)
  • Sam's Club
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • AT&T stores (4G LTE models only)
  • Verizon stores (4G LTE models only)

Brave the line at your local Apple Store

It's hardly a sexy approach, but there's comfort in knowing that you're uncomfortable with a large crowd of tech-hungry Apple enthusiasts.

Apple employees have been known to hand out water and snacks at the larger stores while customers tough out the wait. It might not be all that bad.

Hire someone to wait in line for you

Startups like Taskrabbit and Zaarly are set up to allow you to hire anyone to do nearly anything at an hourly rate. Shell out some money to save yourself the time of waiting in line and become a job creator in the process!

Bribe someone at the front of the line

Historically, Apple has only allowed customers to buy two iPads at a time. Chat up some folks at the front of the line to see who's only buying one, then slip them the money for a second one. Make sure they seem trustworthy, though.

Order it online

Hit up Apple's online store and tough out the wait. It might take a while to arrive, but at least you can carry out your daily life as usual. As of this writing, shipments will take an estimated two to three weeks.

Build a time machine

Go back in time and pre-order online to ensure delivery at your house on Friday. Admittedly, this is the most difficult approach.

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