Fashion guru Tim Gunn shares where he buys his suits

Every man needs a good suit in his closet, but that doesn’t mean he needs to spend a fortune to get it.

We recently had the chance to chat with American fashion consultant and television personality, Tim Gunn, about where he gets his suits.

His secret is Amsterdam-based Suitsupply, a company that provides high-quality fabric and cuts at lower price tags.

Suit supply suit Facebook/SuitsupplyThis blue Hudson suit cut from lightweight wool and cashmere is $599 at Suitsupply.

While Suitsupply’s pieces still include high-quality Italian wools and slim cuts that cater to a younger audience, they start as low as $399.

“The reason I love them is because I was always spending a fortune for suits at places like Bergdorf, Barneys, and Saks,” Gunn said to Business Insider. “The suit I’m currently wearing cost me $500, which means I can have fun — because if I spend thousands on a suit, I’m going to have to wear it over and over again.”

Tim gunn suitsupply suitGetty/Slaven VlasicGunn purchased the suit, tie, and shirt he wears in this photograph from Suitsupply.

Gunn told us that he could buy eight suits from Suitsupply for what he’d previously pay for one at other stores.

Suitsupply also has in-store tailors to ensure customers leave with the right fit, which is critical for Gunn.

“Most of the men I know wear suits that are one to two sizes too big,” he told us. “The bodice of the suit should line up with your shoulders.”

Gunn said that there are three elements men should consider with their clothing: silhouette, proportion, and fit. We should look at our bodies as a series of thirds, going down from our shoulders to our toes.

“You want to have two-thirds on the bottom and one-third on the top,” Gunn said. “An un-tucked shirt cuts a man in half … so you want to avoid that.”

Suitsupply currently has stores across Europe, Asia, and 16 US cities including Miami, New York, Chicago, and Denver.

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