How Tech's Wealthiest People Spend Their Vacations

bill gates florida home


Everyone needs a place to escape when life gets a little too stressful.Tech giants are no exception, but they have taken the whole vacation-home-thing to the next level.

These multi-millionaires spend their leisure time on golf courses, next to the ocean, and on islands they own.

This past winter, Bill Gates rented out this $600,000 a month mansion in Wellington, Florida

The spacious rental is 7,352 square feet with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms

The luxury vacation home sits on four acres and has its own stable and horse training area

Gates can unwind with a glass of wine. He can just help himself to the enormous wine cellar

Family and friends can enjoy dinner in the beautiful dining area

Back in 2007, Eric Schmidt of Google bought Ellen De Generes' house for $20 million

The house located in Montecito, California is an escape for Schmidt's prime residence in Atherton

He can relax in the master suite, which at 1,300 square feet takes up an entire floor

Or Schmidt can enjoy one of the many gardens, fountains, or fruit trees that sit on the spacious four acres

Paul Allen of Microsoft may be downsizing by trying to sell his private island, but he still has this hideaway in Malibu

The vacation home cost Allen a pretty penny at $25 million

It boasts five bedrooms, a swimming pool on the deck, a screening room, and a gym

It also comes with a bathroom bigger than most apartments in New York City

Jeff Bezos escapes the stress of Amazon by jetting off to Beverly Hills. His luxury home butts up against Tom Cruise's mansion

The mansion reportedly sold for around $30 million and includes a greenhouse, tennis court, and a huge outdoor area on over two acres

Bezos can relax in any one of the rooms in the 11,000 square foot mansion

He may also choose to take advantage of the gigantic pool

To escape the whole tech scene, Larry Ellison bought Porcupine Creek for $43 million.

The main home boasts 18,430 square feet, while the four guest homes are each 1,860 square feet

If Ellison wants to relax, he can venture to the game room

Or step outside and linger around the fountains

In case Larry Ellison gets tired of his vacation home at Porcupine Creek, he can always go to his Hawaiian island Lana'i that he just purchased for $600 million

The island is home to beautiful beaches, which Ellison owns 98% of the 140 square miles

Not only does the island have amazing views, but it also is home to two top hotels. One being Mānele Bay.

And the other being the Lodge at Koele

Or he can just enjoy the view

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