Here's where America's 'first kids' went to college

There is already rampant speculation over high school senior Malia Obama’s college choice. And while she, and the rest of the White House, are being tight-lipped on the front-runner, we decided to take a look at the college choices of other first kids over the past few decades.

With an eye on first kids who were teenagers or young adults when their parents lived in the White House as far back as President John F. Kennedy, we looked at their college choices.

Take a look below to see who dropped out of college, who failed their bar exam, and whose parents didn’t even go to their graduation.

Barbara Pierce Bush -- Yale University Class of 2004

Getty Images

The older fraternal twin daughter of President George W. Bush, Barbara attended Yale University and graduated with a degree in humanities.

She is the CEO and co-founder of public health-focused nonprofit Global Health Corps.

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