Here's Where The Backstreet Boys Have Been Hiding All These Years

Old Navy and CP+B certainly love to revel in ’90s nostalgia. And what better way to follow up its Mr. T campaign and commercial featuring the cast of 90210 than to host a mini-Backstreet Boys reunion tour?

The new spot (above) for stretchy, skinny jeans—which the five-some unfortunately don’t wear in the ad—does reveal important BSB information. Namely, where the boy band has been hiding all of these years: An oversized boom box.

We reported earlier that the clothing company also hired the band to perform in Bryant Park during fashion week.

Brand manager Michelle DeMartini told Bloomberg in an email that “Our target customer grew up in the ’90s, and that time period conjures an emotional connection. In recent campaigns, we’ve worked with a number of actors and musicians who remind her of that nostalgic decade, such as Mr. T and Jordan Knight, and we’ve gotten really positive feedback.”

In case that doesn’t make you feel ancient, and you want a real Backstreet Boys throwback, here’s a commercial the band did for Burger King during its heyday in 2000. (Below) CP+B is famous for its Burger King work, but it didn’t get hired until 2003.

The ad shows a Burger King exec trying to lure the innocent boy band into doing an ad for the fast food giant. A cacophony of BSB members pipe out “Forget it!” “We don’t do commercials!” “Not our style!” In the end, they do the deed for a lifetime supply of Whoppers.

We’re guessing that BSB was easier to convince this time around.

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