Where's Apple's Online Mac Software Store? (MSFT, AAPL)

Microsoft (MSFT) today launched a new U.S. online store, allowing anyone to buy software direct from the company.

One reason: Citing the rising popularity of cheap “netbooks” — some of which don’t have DVD drives — Microsoft is offering electronic software delivery. Instead of waiting for discs in the mail, you just download and go.

(Microsoft is doing it smart, too: Get a new computer or need a fresh install, and Microsoft will let you re-download the software until support ends, typically a 5-year window.)

So Apple, where’s your online Mac software store? The sexy MacBook Air doesn’t ship with a built-in DVD drive and would be a perfect candidate for over-their-air software downloads.

Apple has obviously figured out Internet software delivery for its iPhones and iPods. Yet Apple only sells its Mac software — Final Cut, Garage Band jam packs, iWork, Aperture, OS X, etc. — on discs.

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